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Biking with kids, cargo bikes, active transportation, & bike adventures.

Cargo Bike Dictionary

Ever wondered how to carry a kid or two (or more) by bike?

Commonplace in other parts of the world, North Americans are starting to embrace the myriad of ways that you can transport kids by bike. Here is a cargo biking dictionary for kid-carrying, describing each way possible that you can carry kids by bike (or trike). This is a general overview with links to comprehensive posts on each method, including all known brands, like this piece on bakfietsen.

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Biking with Babies

While rare in North America, cycling with infants and toddlers is completely commonplace in a country like the Netherlands. Here is what you need to know for the infant stage and the older baby/toddler stage to help get you back on the bike in your new life with kids!


Cycling forms an integral part of our lives. Plus, we are lucky and live in a neighbourhood with lots of quiet streets and off-street infrastructure, so biking with our babies started early — perhaps you’re in the same boat but just aren’t sure how to get started. Read those posts and the cargo bike dictionary to get started on your family cycling journey!


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Get your kids rolling on their own!

How? With what bike? Whether you are just starting out on balance bikes or are looking for a geared 20″ bike, these thorough buying guides will help you to know what to look for, like fit, weight, and important features so that you can succeed at snagging a great used bike or buying the right one new!

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Family Packing List

Got wanderlust, like me?

Have a peek inside our bags if you need help figuring out what to pack for a bike camping, touring, or bikepacking adventure with your young family. Peruse pages on missions accomplished and those in the daydreaming stage: the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, KVR in BC, Scotland, the Netherlands

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Active Transportation

Most of our biking is functional, not adventurous.

Considering adding active transportation into your or your family’s lifestyle? It can be as simple as walking or biking your child to school or swimming lessons. Be it that your motivations are financial, environmental, or health-based — or perhaps you just love riding bikes (and not driving cars) — there are lots of reasons to inspire you.