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I have been on the hunt for smaller fitting biking gloves for years. We first tried the fingerless ones available from our usual outdoor store but my daughter was swimming in them, even in the smallest size. Last year I heard about Zippyrooz and was excited to have the opportunity to try out some of their full finger gloves. They haven’t let us down!

toddler biking gear


Why use children’s bike gloves?

It’s simple, really, and makes a lot of sense:

  • Help to reduce or prevent abrasions from falls when kids are learning or pushing their limits.
  • So kids can be like mom or dad or their favourite biking hero! Motivation is golden.
  • Helps with grip, especially in the wet or with sweat.
  • Helps a bit with warmth in the shoulder season (by cutting the chill, but not full-on insulation).

For Zippyrooz, if you are looking to add a bit of padding then go for the fingerless version.


Why we like Zippyrooz

There are four key reasons we really like Zippyrooz:

  • Sizing
  • Cute/cool factor
  • Available in full finger
  • Durability

Bonus, the thumb on the full finger gloves is soft for wiping runny noses!


Toddler bike gloves

That’s right: TODDLER! It is super challenging to find toddler bike gloves, that is ones that actually fit the smallest hands of your littlest rippers. Yes, Zippyrooz come in a wide range of sizes, including bike gloves for kids, but it’s the fact that they size to your beginner riding a balance bike that made us want to test them out.

Zippyrooz are sized for ages 1 through 8. In our experience the sizing has been very accurate. Here is their sizing chart for guidance:

toddler bike gloves

Biking gloves for little hands are really helpful for minimizing the chance of hand abrasions from their wee crashes when learning and experimenting. This practical accessory can also help to motivate the more tentative rider by making them feel special, just like their favourite biking role model, and I am in to anything that helps to get little riders rolling.


Cute & cool!

Zippyrooz come in two different styles (fingerless and full finger) as well as a bunch of different patterns.

We have the “Flowers” full finger gloves. There are also skulls, peace symbols, geometric, and a host of other fun fabrics to choose from.


Kids full finger cycling gloves

Zippyrooz are the (only?!) brand that I am aware of that offer full finger cycling gloves for toddlers and kids. We had tried fingerless gloves from our regular outdoor store and they are good but did not come fingerless nor in sizing small enough for toddlers.

My girls really like having full finger bike gloves. And, I love that they have full coverage, especially when we are out adventuring.

Big Elbow Trail



We have been testing these gloves for about a year. There are no holes and no wear spots. There is minor pilling at the very tips of the fingers. The velcro closure is still pristine. All of the stitching is holding.

I hate buying stuff that craps out before at least two kids have used it, I find that it is such a waste. Based on our experience so far, I think these gloves live up to that standard and, as such, I would recommend them to a friend.


Where to buy

In the USA, you can purchase Zippyrooz from their website or

In Canada, is the distributor and you can check prices here.


Tips for getting gloves on littles

Winter is over and your battle with mittens is done. Now here I am suggesting biking gloves. Gloves?! Mittens were bad enough, right? There is something about biking gloves that is less of an issue in our house, it must be the cool factor.

What has worked for us to get gloves on relatively painlessly and in the right holes is to get my youngest to put together all of her fingers (so they are nicely lined up beside each other) and put her hand in the main part of the glove.

As soon as the hand is in the first part, we ask her to spread her fingers as wiiiiiiiiiiiiiide as possible, fanning them out, then PUSH!

It seems to work.

If it doesn’t, I joke around with a little song we learned at a music class way back when that names all of the fingers:

  • Peter Pointer
  • Toby Tall
  • Ruby Ring
  • Pinky Small

And we say things like: “Silly Toby! He needs to move over one.” We blame the finger characters and not the kid. It seems to get more giggles from me and her! (Phew.)

Now get that kid out ripping! Check here if you need help finding a balance bike for your toddler or here for your bigger kid who needs 20″ wheels. And here is an article on tips to get little kids riding!

toddler bike gloves



Sponsored Post Disclaimer: I was given two pairs of these full finger zippyrooz to review as compensation. As always, all opinions are my own (well, my kids’ opinions, too, in this case!). You can help to support local if you are in Canada and decide to go with these gloves via that link for in Red Deer, Alberta. Please note that link is an affiliate link which means that it doesn’t cost you anything to access the product via that link but I do get a small commission for referring you, which helps me run this site. Thanks!


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