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Biking with Kids

More and more there is information available online about biking with kids: how to bike with babies, how to buy a bike, how to teach a kid to ride, how to grow the love for biking, family adventures… you name it!

The following is what I have written to contribute to the growing body of positive bike resources for families:

Carrying Babies and Kids by Bike

  1. Family Bike: More than a Dozen Ways to Carry Kids by Bike
  2. Family Bike: Bakfiets aka Long John — a detailed overview
  3. Family Bike: Cargo Trikes
  4. Babboe Trike Review
  5. Cargo Bike Review: CETMA Bakfiets
  6. Cargo Bike Review: Xtracycle Edgerunner [Rascal Rides]
  7. Family Bike: The Ultimate Bakfiets
  8. Longtail vs. Bakfiets: What’s the best choice for your family?
  9. Biking with Babies
  10. Biking with Babies: Part 2
  11. Finances: Yes, cargo bikes can be expensive, but they can also save you money [republished by Shifter]

Children’s Bikes

  1. Kids on Bikes: Learning to Ride a Bike
  2. Best 20 inch Bike
  3. Best Run Bike
  4. Best 16 inch Bike [coming soon!]
  5. Best 14 inch Bike

Reflections & Lifestyle

  1. Why and How to Bike to School with Kids
  2. Give Active Transportation a Try This Year [Active for Life]
  3. How to Get Started Using Active Transportation [Active for Life]
  4. Transporting Kids by Bike: A journey
  5. Bullying in the Public Realm

[Updated: 7 Sept 2018]