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Rolling once more

Since we stayed two nights in Bunnik/Utrecht at the StayOkay hostel, we did not ride SW down through Gouda, etc. as planned. Instead we rode today up to Fort Spion and camped with plans to ride back down to a train station that had service to Rotterdam, where we needed to go.

But first, we hit up another kinderboerderij on the way out of town!


As we rolled through Utrecht to get out of town we found another fabulous kinderboerderij and this one had a whole bunch of different cargo and adaptive bikes in kid sizes! They had farm animals, too, and a wonderful play area including a totally awesome zipline that I thought the girls were going to make themselves dizzy on, especially my youngest!

Riding along the Vecht

It was a lovely day along a quiet rode than paralleled the Vecht River. Both girls did great and it felt really good to be rolling again.

We stopped in Breukelen for groceries. It was a sweet little town and is where the name Brooklyn, New York is from!

Fort Spion

The Fort Spion campground was great. A bit too buggy (midges) and full of cobwebs, etc, but full of character and the owner/manager, Martijn, was really kind. He let us know that there was a market in Breukelen with an excellent cheese stall and great fish monger (and he was so right, the fish monger was the best!).

Our trip