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Today was an epic day of bikes, markets, trains, water bus, and more biking.

Bikes and a market

We rode in to Breukelen to visit the market. Because we are a bit of a circus, a nice lady struck up a conversation with us and my husband managed to carry it out in broken Dutch, then she insisted on buying us some of the most delicious fried fish (an opinion shared by all four of us) — wish we had got more! — from the fish monger our campground host had mentioned the night before! Apparently, it must be a local favourite.

Train ride to Rotterdam

Then we rode to the train station and managed to get all the bikes up the elevator and to the platform and quickly roll on to the Sprinter train just in time, for a then relaxed journey down to Rotterdam Centraal.

Another market

After the train ride we rode over to the Markthal and Desmond finally managed to find some pofferijes!


Then we rode down to the waterfront Erasmusberg water bus station and the water bus arrived for us to take to the Kinderdijk (or Dordrecht, but we opted for the KD, even though the weather looked a bit uncertain).

We got off at the Kinderdijk and had a good ride ahead of us. The weather kind of held until we got to Zweindrecht.

Riding through the Kinderdijk

The Kinderdijk was quite busy with tourists at first but then that petered out about 1 km out from the start. We didn’t buy tickets to go inside of any windmills, just rode through. My youngest slept.

At the pinch point at the start, where you can buy tickets, we ran into a couple from Calgary of all places! Small world.

Riding to Dordrecht

We rode past my husband’s mother’s street that she lived on for many years as a girl! Just by chance, really. It was raining by that point so my phone camera was a bit foggy, but here’s a picture:

For the first time we got rained on quite heavily riding through Zweindrecht down to Dordrecht. This part of the world was not my favourite so far. It was industrial and busy (to give it some credit, we did arrive at rush hour and we could still travel safely, but some of the busier roads were a little tricky to cross, not impassable though by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just that our standards had been growing increasingly higher!).

But we made it! And my husband’s cousin and his family live right on the LF 2b route, so it was quite easy to find in spite of our phone screens being tricky to handle due to wet screens from the rain.

We will be here for three nights. Visiting with family Saturday and part of Sunday, and going to the Efteling on Sunday with the girls.

Our trip