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The Netherlands

For me, the Netherlands has long since been a place to adore, idolize, and dream about but we turned our dreams into reality and lugged our two kids overseas for a two week bike adventure for the first half of June 2019. In a nutshell, we hope to go back!

I will be updating this page to add more pictures, journal entries, and reflections from our trip. I honestly thought that bike touring would be awesome with two kids but a lot of work and that I wouldn’t necessarily feel like I was on holiday or well-rested upon return. Because of the ease of camping, kind people, and the great infrastructure I came back feeling relaxed and as though I had a wonderful holiday, which I did – to be honest, the fact that greatly contributed to this was the respect experienced while travelling by our mode of choice: bikes. It has given me much motivation to keep squeezing in as much work as possible, because I love it, but also so that I can support more adventures like this one for our family.

Map of our route, all modes

Here is our route, including train and waterbus legs, campsites and hostels:

Journal entries from our trip