I forgot how much work it is to set up a new blog. And yet, here I am.

I am doing this because I want a place to write without thinking about growing it in to something. I just want it to be. To be a place for me to learn and share what it is like to ride bikes with kids. To look at active transportation infrastructure from near and far. To explore the intersection of planning and health (through active transportation). To be curious. To go on bikepacking and bike touring adventures, near and far.

I still love Our Hundred Acre Wood, but I worry that when I get too bike-y I lose the essence of it being an active lifestyle blog and not just about active transportation. OHAW has a magazine feel, to me, and I feel that I am not always writing about what I want to write about because it doesn’t fit with the overall OHAW reader or avatar. It has turned into a tiny bit of something, which I am proud of and wish to continue working at, but I have some things that I want to dive into a bit more and this new blog is where that will happen.

Please be patient with me while I work on the back end of things and make this new space look polished. Right now it is very empty. I have, however, imported all of my biking content from OHAW.

Kind regards,



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